Smart Wealth

The impact of the current health crisis on the main investment assets (equities, fixed income, real estate and alternatives) pose new challenges for private investors, which must be faced with peace of mind and the best tools: information, reflections and timely suggestions from experts.

Through “Smart Wealth”, we want to share the opinions and ideas of experts in wealth management and specialists in the main types of investment assets, with the aim of helping our Partners and other private investors to preserve their capital and take advantage of the investment opportunities that are emerging in a post-Covid19 environment.


Here you’ll be able to access the recordings of the webinars that have taken place with some of the most renowned professionals in the investment sector, as well as hear their reflections and recommendations.

Smart Wealth

Reading Material

Here you’ll be able to find a compilation of useful reading material to better understand the characteristics and behaviour of some of the principal asset classes addressed in our webinars.

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We hope that this initiative will prove useful to many of you.

For those of you interested in the “Venture Capital” asset class, our speciality, you can access a summary of our activity and services for private investors by clicking on the button below.