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“Equities beyond the Pandemic”

By 23 October 2020 No Comments

The second edition of our “Smart Wealth” webinar series.

In our second edition, we address what might be next for equities investing when the pandemic starts to fade.

Pedro Baldaia, Partner and Fund Manager at LBV Asset Management LLP

On this ocassion, we welcomed Pedro Baldaia, CFA Partner and Fund Manager at LBV Asset Management LLP. In conversation with Pedro we discussed:

  • The main impact that the pandemic has had on financial markets and in particular, on the main indices.
  • The main drivers that have led to different performances across indices in Europe and the US.
  • Precautions that he recommends be taken under the current circumstances and his view on investment opportunities in equities at this moment.
  • His insight into the most likely scenarios as the pandemic fades away, and in particular, the likely consequences once we have a working vaccine.
  • His view on the best sectors or industries to invest in, in the future.
  • The significance of ESG criteria in the investment process.