Bodeboca is the first private online wine sales club in Spain. The club provides vineyards with access to a community of wine lovers by means of time-limited promotional campaigns, called ‘Flash Sales’. The club also facilitates the sale of products and services through their online shop.

The company offers its members a selection of premium- and medium range wines recommended by experts and carefully presented with significant discounts applied. It also offers detailed information on each wine and vineyard, as well as, allowing members to recommend wines through social media sites.

Bodeboca works directly with the vineyards to ensure the best prices for its members and to guarantee the optimal preservation of the wine.

Foundation Year: 2010

Investment Date: February 2013

Investors: Faraday Venture Partners, Aquilino Peña, Michael Kleindl, Caixa and Mola

Countries of Activity: Spain, France, Germany and the United Kingdom