Logo Evolufarma

Evolufarma offers pharmacies the best global integrated solution for managing and supervising their business needs, attracting customers/patients and building their loyalty, through different technology platform modules. The service allows for the full integration with other systems.

Evolufarma offers the most complete and compatible commercial instrument solution for attracting customers and managing sales in the pharmacy sector currently on the market. To achieve compatibility, the company has run its own technological development to ensure platform integration with a range of technologies such as WordPress, Oracle, SQL, etc. and provide a high degree of personalisation.

Evolufarma already counts with a number of strategic agreements, either signed or in negotiation, with laboratories and distributors and other large companies that have contributed to establishing Evolufarma as a point of reference within the sector. Evolufarma’s executive team also has proven experience in software, web and app development, as well as marketing (online and offline) and relevant pharma sector knowledge.

Foundation Year: 2013

Investment Date: August 2017

Investors: Faraday Venture Partners and The Crowd Angel

Countries of Activity: Spain