Momit is a B2B online and offline service platform that helps customers monitor and control their energy consumption, designing and selling their own products online or through large distributors or businesses.

Momit’s first product, the Momit Smart Thermostat (‘Momit ST’), is a smart thermostat operable from a mobile or computer. The intelligent product allows customers to regulate energy usage such as heating or air conditioning throughout homes and companies in accordance with the desired financial as well as environmental savings resulting in reduced invoices and CO2 emissions.

Foundation Year: 2012

Investment Date: December 2013 and July 2014

Investors: Faraday Venture Partners, Wayra, 101 Startups, Talent and Leadership, Daruan, PADEInvest and various Business Angels

Countries of Activity: Spain, Germany, and the United Kingdom, with projected international expansion into other European and Latin American countries