Logo Otogami

Otogami is a proprietary technology search platform able to monitor new videogame releases, product stock changes and special offers, available both online through digital downloads as well as in physical stores and suitable for use on PCs, Macs and videogame consoles around the world.

Otogami’s technology allows the firm to offer preferential pricing to its users, as well as being able to offer them the latest functionalities and a broad range of complementary products.

For videogame retailers associated with their platform, Otogami presents a specialist sales channel that expands their sales and traffic volume. Otogami will soon also be able to offer a market intelligence tool, promising to add value particularly for large manufacturers and distributors within the videogames sector.

Foundation Year: 2012

Investment Date: October 2013

Investors: Faraday Venture Partners, Vitamina K, Plug and Play, Danka Capital, Autentia and Civeta Investments

Countries of Activity: Spain, with projected international expansion across Europe