Logo Pangea

Pangea is a travel agency aiming to redefine the consumer purchase experience by offering a high-quality product that combines integral and specialised service assessment with the best market price on offer. Destination experts prepare the travel package experience in the company’s spectacular physical store, incorporating the latest technologies in the sales and assessment process into the offer.

Pangea runs an integrated multi-channel strategy, across physical, web and mobile. Together with the versatile and carefully contemplated design of the company’s physical stores, the personal shopping assessment and post-sales service constitute Pangea’s fundamental value proposition. The company also takes advantage of its physical stores to host events and sales presentations of complementary products, such as books and travel accessories (cameras, suitcases, backpacks, etc.).

By fusing the concepts of shop and travel agency, Pangea, who has experienced great sales growth, is set to become a reference in the high-quality travel segment in Spain.

Foundation Year: 2015

Investment Date: April 2017

Investors: Faraday Venture Partners, JB Capital Markets, Inversiones Ibersuizas

Countries of Activity: Spain