Logo Reclamador

Reclamador represents its clients by integrally managing their claims process within the main consumer sectors: airlines, telecommunications, supply chain, banking and travel. Reclamador only charges commission once the case is won and compensation has been obtained.

The company possesses the operational capacity to see the claims process through to the end, without claimants needing to pay an up-front handling fee. The firm relies on social media platforms and its own online community to increase pressure on large consumer companies and encourage friendly conflict resolution.

Reclamador’s team is composed of professionals with extensive experience in defending consumer rights, particularly those in the airline sector. In turn, their legal team has filed hundreds of claims against airlines all over the world.

Foundation Year: 2012

Investment Date: May 2013

Investors: Faraday Venture Partners, Cabiedes and Partners, Making Ideas Business, Semilla Expiga, Tegsa and various Business Angels

Countries of Activity: Spain