Segle Clinical is a pharmaceutical brand of high-end cosmeceuticals primarily sold through pharmacies.

Cosmeceuticals are cosmetics specialized in anti-aging skin care with a combination of active ingredients that make them more effective in composition and concentration than more classic cosmetic products.

Segle Clinical formulates multi-correction treatments that treat all signs of aging, with the help of very specific biotechnological assets in more potent pharmaceutical form that work to improve the skin at the cellular DNA level.

Segle Clinical is a specialist in serums, which in their compounded form have a much lighter texture and reach the deepest layers of the skin. Segle Clinical formulates its products with a higher concentration of active ingredients and an optimal dosage for maximum effectiveness.

The management team has extensive experience in the pharmaceutical cosmetics sector, both across manufacturing and distribution to pharmacies and through its online sales channel.

Foundation Year: 2017

Investment Date: July 2019

Investors: Faraday Venture Partners, members of the management team and other Business Angels

Countries of Activity: Spain, Mexico and China