Logo Signaturit

Signaturit was born out of the necessity to dynamize digital contract processes by offering a flexible solution through electronic signatures and providing intuitive and efficient certifications with full legal validity.

Signaturit allows its clients to send and sign contracts from any device, without the necessity to install external applications or adapt to their processes and user requirements, thereby facilitating its integration, through API, into any CRM or ERP system. Signaturit further collects and saves electronic signatures generated during the process through an ‘audit trail’, guaranteeing their integrity through an official time stamp, as well as biometric data of the signatory, among others.

Signaturit aims to be the only service provider of reference in communication certification and internal as well as external corporate contract processes, making client, supplier and employee relationships easier by offering the best solution currently on the market for electronic communication.

Foundation Year: 2013

Investment Date: June 2017

Investors: Faraday Venture Partners, Bonsai Venture Capital, Banco Sabadell VC and Keyword VC

Countries of Activity: Spain