Logo Singularu

Singularu was founded by people passionate about the jewellery sector with the mission to style women with trendy jewellery at affordable prices. Singularu aims to convert itself into a global brand of reference in the jewellery market.

It is Singularu’s mission to change the way that jewellery is designed, manufactured and consumed. To achieve this, the company is staking its business on the industrial processes that allow it to fabricate jewellery with increasingly shorter development and launch times and with stock management calculated to the millimetre.

Furthermore, Singularu will introduce new sales formulas to adapt itself to the needs of its clients applying the working philosophy of constant improvement. Singularu is client-centric and consistently guided by an exhaustive data analysis process.

Foundation Year: 2014

Investment Date: September 2018

Investors: Faraday Venture Partners, Zriser, Demium Startups, Pinama, Conector, Sensu Invest, Bamboo VC, Torsa Capital and Lanzadera

Countries of Activity: Europe (primarily Spain)