Talent Clue is a software that provides companies with access to an extensive range of recruitment sources, available either for free or through payment options. The tool allows users to publish job descriptions and gather information about potential candidates in a centralised manner from multiple job search engines, internet portals, internet aggregator sites, corporate websites and social media channels.

Talent Clue also allows clients to use its follow-up system, ATS, which allows clients to manage the selection process more efficiently.

Talent Clue also provides a technological platform and experts network that facilitates the selection of mid-manager level, senior or technical profiles and disposes of a tool that allows clients to create and integrate their own talent search platforms within the system e.g. email, web or ERP, among others.

Foundation Year: 2009

Investment Date: July 2015

Investors: Faraday Venture Partners

Countries of Activity: Spain and Latin America