Logo Triavip

Triavip is the first Spanish e-commerce platform that offers products and services especially made for triathlon disciplines.

The company offers its clients a ‘360º online shop’ concept, which constitutes a private sales club for sports products via short-term promotional campaigns, a physical shop, as well as complementary services directed at athletes.

Triavip allows brands to target their core market segment through promotions offered on Triavip’s portal and in its physical shop, thereby serving them through marketing channels, stock liquidation or simple sales avenues. Triavip also offers its clients important discounts on training products, as well a permanent selection of the most popular specialist products and the services that complement them.

Foundation Year: 2011

Investment Date: June 2013

Investors: Faraday Venture Partners, various Business Angels and an industrial company

Countries of Activity: Spain, with projected internationalisation across Europe