Weplan Logo

Weplan Analytics is a company that offers innovative Business Intelligence solutions. 

Weplan Analytics’ mission is to develop services that answer their clients most demanding technological requirements: from the development of mobile applications targeted at the telecommunications market, to the creation of innovative solutions for scientific analysis on network quality and competitive positioning.

Weplan Analytics is different from its competitors due to its in-depth client/user knowledge gathered via its applications. This information helps clients in their business decision-making process by providing them with precise and almost real-time information about their market.

Weplan Analytics’ mobile applications include: Cobertura, a collaborative app that helps minimise coverage deficiencies; Weplan, an app that allows the user to find the optimum telephone tariff and StatsMe, an application that provides consumption data for mobile data, voice and messages with personalised alerts.

Foundation Year: 2012

Investment Date: May 2013

Investors: Faraday Venture Partners, Foundation Entrecanales

Countries of Activity: Spain, with planned international expansion across Europe and other countries