Woffu is a SaaS B2B focused on efficient time management through a digitalisation process.

The problem of integrated absence and presence management in the workplace as well as the additional management of shift work within corporations can create a real headache for HR departments. Woffu has taken it upon itelf to solve this issue through the digitalisation of the entire management process.

Following the newly introduced legislation that came into effect on the 12th May 2019 and which requires the effective control of the entire working day for all employees of all companies, Woffu has become a reference in the national panorama to help companies comply with the Law.

Foundation Year: 2015

Investment Date: August 2019

Investors: Faraday Venture Partners, members of the management team and the founders of Doctoralia, Albert Armengol and David Diaz and Alejandro Fresneda, founder of Mr. Noow

Countries of Activity: Primarily Spain