• 176 Number of Partners forming a part of Faraday
  • 24 Number of invested projects
  • 10.8 Total invested (€ millions)
Our Partners are individuals, small investment funds and family offices with an interest in investing in innovative start-up projects in their first commercial phases with high projected growth potential and profitability.


We accompany and support our Partners throughout the entire investment cycle, starting from the project search and analysis to the sale of their acquired stake, always remaining aligned with their investment interest.

Our services

  • Dealflow

    • We provide 10x Investment Opportunity Reports a year, synthesising our analysis results and the most relevant points about each project
    • We commit to a thorough Due Diligence process, ensuring all questions are resolved and access to start-up executive teams is provided
    • We offer you training and quarterly networking events
    • We offer discounted fees for groups and small funds


    Annual fee of € 550 (incl. VAT) .
  • Investment and follow-up

    • Comprehensive assessment and counsel throughout the entire investment process. We also provide: additional analysis, negotiation strategy, shareholder agreement drafts and documents relative to fiscal structure, legal processing, among others
    • We advise you on your available investment and fiscal structures and liquidity optimisation
    • We provide you with quarterly “Follow-up Reports” that outline your investment’s progress


    A 2% annual handling fee on your invested capital applies
  • Boosting and exit

    • We support start-up executive teams with strategic advice throughout our involvement
    • We encourage growth by allocating resources when required and make proactive use of our network
    • We offer a structured collective advantages program for our portfolio companies
    • We design and execute exit strategies for our Partners’ investments and provide comprehensive advisory for the sale of their shares


    A 10% exit fee on your investment return applies

Why invest on us

Philosophy and approach...

  • Our Team

    We are a dedicated full-time team that analyses innovative start-up projects in need of private financing, offering the best and most promising projects for investment to our Partners. We thrive on excellence and work in tandem with our Expert Committee, thereby improving scope and increasing value and investment potential for our projects.
  • Project quality

    We conduct a thorough analysis and follow-up of the most promising projects, presenting only the best 1% of over 100 projects that we receive each month to our Partners.
  • Comprehensive follow-up

    We offer a solution for Partners that are short of time, connections or experience by providing them opportunities to invest in start-up projects, guaranteeing the highest quality of service until their exit.
  • Professional ethics and incentive structure

    We adhere to the CFA Institute’s ethics code and work exclusively for our Partners, aligning ourselves with their interests and resolving any potential conflicts of interest.

...operational benefits.

  • Access to top-tier project sources

    By virtue of our long-standing relationships with co-investors, private investment contacts, incubators and accelerators, universities and business schools, corporate programs, among many others including last but not least, our own Partners.
  • Commitment and investment ticket

    We encourage all our partners to diversify their portfolio by offering a minimum ticket of € 2,000. We do not require a minimum investment commitment in return for membership from our Partners.
  • Transparency

    We commit ourselves to answering all our Partners' questions and sharing all information in a fully transparent way with all other Partners interested in the investment.
  • Boosting and exit

    We professionally advise and boost each investment project, thereby maximising investment success. We also proactively search for sales opportunities for our Partner’s stakes.

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