Round Table: Discussing the challenges, problems and solutions for high potential startups

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Round Table in which the CEOs of three of our portfolio companies, Aprendum, Momit and Weplan, came together to discuss the best ways of overcoming the difficulties they’ve faced since the launch of their respective projects.

The speakers shared the main issues they’ve encountered since embarking on their entrepreneurial journeys. These often concerned financing, hiring talent and boosting sales of their respective products and services.

They also treated questions of participants and discussed their primary concerns and most significant challenges faced to-date.


  • Juan Salcedo – CEO at Aprendum
  • Miguel Sánchez – CEO at Momit
  • Pablo Reaño – CEO at Weplan


  • Introduction by Juan José Güemes on upcoming “Area 31” and Venture Lab Initiatives. Minute: 00:55
  • Latest Developments at Faraday Venture Partners. Minute: 4:57
  • Presentation by Pablo Reaño, CEO of Weplan. Minute: 9:32
  • Presentation by Juan Salcedo, CEO of Aprendum. Minute: 10:19
  • Presentation by Miguel Sánchez, CEO of Momit. Minute: 10:58

Questions posed by Faraday

  • What was the first problem you encountered when launching your project and how have you overcome it? Minute: 12:13
  • How did you finance the first stages of your company’s development? What were the main challenges in this regard? What do you recommend to resolve these difficulties? Minute: 20:55
  • What are the difficulties involved in hiring talent or purchasing equipment for startups like yours? How did you get past them? Minute: 30:35
  • In the commercial realm, what difficulties did you encounter with your first customers or with the commercial launch of your products/services? How did you garner more credibility being a young company? How have you overcome those first difficulties and what recommendations can you provide in this regard? Minute: 37:58
  • What are the main challenges/difficulties that you encounter today? What exactly would you ask if you had the right person in front of you? Minute: 49:59
  • What are your 3 favourite Spanish startups (not owned by Faraday) and why? Minute: 53:56

Questions posed by attendees

  • How do you invest capital that is destined for your international expansion? Minute: 57:43
  • What is your traffic? What parameters are measured? What patterns do you have? How do you structure the purchase to know if the market is interesting? Minute: 1:03:13
  • If you had before you the Finance Minister, what suggestions would you give him that might help entrepreneurs achieve the financing they need? Minute: 1:05:36