Round Table: Important legal aspects and the value of perseverance in entrepreneurs

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On the 5th of April, we celebrated our first corporate event of the quarter in the delightful atmosphere of one of Faraday’s successful investee companies, Pangea. At its first physical store, in the heart of Madrid (Príncipe de Vergara 26) we counted 40 invited guests that attentively listened to David Hernández, CEO and founder of Pangea, as he spoke about his first inspiration and humble beginning for the travel store. Further invited guests included, Faraday Partner Marco Bolognini, founding partner of MAIO Legal, and serial entrepreneur, Izanami Martínez, CEO of The Notox Life.

Following David Hernández’s presentation, we addressed the timely topics of the most significant legal aspects to be considered before formalising an investment. In conversation with our Chief Investment Officer, Gonzalo Tradacete, Marco Bolognini went into depth about the six principal legal aspects, including the acquisition of capital, legal rights in acquisition, sale and liquidation cases and the day-to-day management of a company and their information rights, among the most notable. In our final presentation, Izanami Martínez took us through her professional trajectory as a serial entrepreneur, sharing with us, with great honesty, what her greatest lessons and sacrifices were and most importantly, why it was all worth it.


  • Welcome. Minute 0:07
  • Investee company presentation Pangea by David Hernández. Minute 1:02
  • Summary of the latest developments at Faraday Venture Partners. Minute 17:40
  • Presentation by Marco Bolognini. Minute 28:48
  • Presentation by Izanami Martínez. Minute 109:31