Round Table: Introducing our latest investments

By 22 October 2021 November 10th, 2021 No Comments

As is customary, Gonzalo Tradacete kicked off the event presenting the latest developments and progress made here at Faraday over the past quarter. He also spoke briefly about our flagship fund’s investment progress as it continued to invest alongside our Clubs in new opportunities.

Finally, we had the pleasure of welcoming the CEOs of our most recent investments, Coinscrap Finance, The Beemine Lab and, to a round table to introduce them to our Club Partners, as well as speak to them a little about their difficulties in setting up their companies and mastering the economic slump provoked by the pandemic and how they’ve come out on top and what they are looking forward to achieving in 2022.


  • Welcome. Minute 0:00
  • Summary of the latest from Faraday Venture Partners. Minute 0:48
  • Summary of the evoluation of Faraday Europa I, EuVECA. Minute 6:38
  • Invitation to the Roundtable. Minute 10:20
  • Introduction by David Conde (Coinscrap Finance). Minute 13:42
  • Introduction by Telmo Güell (The Beemine Lab). Minute 15:12
  • Introduction by Florian Polak ( Minute 16:30

Roundtable Themes

  • What are the most significant difficulties and associated learnings in the launch of your respective businesses up until now? Minute 18:12
  • Tell us how has Covid affected your businesses, what are the lessons that you’ve learnt and where do you find yourself today? Minute 30:02
  • Building on the previous question, what are your main priorities in the coming months, your big milestones for 2022? And how could Faraday help you achieve them? Minute 37:24
  • Now that you’ve all gotten to know each other a little throughout this round table, what would be THE question you would ask each other about your businesses? Minute 47:12
  • Q&A. Minute 57:02