Round Table: Investigating the different investment profiles and their characteristics

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The roundtable brought together three Faraday Partners, Giorgio S. (Family Office), César B. (Business Angel) and Antonio Fernández (Tech Entrepreneur), each with a different investment profile to take part in an enriching debate about the wide range of startup investment strategies and approaches available.

Each Partner presented their own investment strategy and evaluation criteria to the room and spoke in more detail about the role that this type of investment played in their overall portfolio.

Their presentations were complemented with personal anecdotes and recommendations based on their experience as investors.


  • Presentation Madrid Stock Exchange Representative. Minute: 03:00
  • Summary of the latest developments at Faraday Venture Partners. Minute: 16:15
  • Presentation by Giorgio Savona. Minute: 22:13
  • Presentation by César Bardají. Minute: 23:42
  • Presentation by Antonio Fernandez. Minute: 25:49

Round Table Themes

  • Global investment strategy. Minute: 30:44
  • The role of startups investments as part of a global investment strategy. Minute: 36:20
  • Diversification guidelines: project stage and sector. Minute: 43:07
  • Evaluation criteria: investee companies and return expectations. Minute: 53:19
  • The case for luck in startup investments. Minute: 57:10
  • Recommendations. Minute: 1:02:47