Round Table: Methodologies supporting startups according to Venture Builders, Incubators and Accelerators

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At our first corporate event of the year, we held a Round Table at the new Wayra offices in the centre of Madrid, which featured Venture Builders, incubators and accelerators. We had leading speakers from the entrepreneurship sector and the most important business initiatives in Spain: Javier Jiménez Marco, General Director at Lanzadera, Jorge Dobón Montagut, CEO and Founder at Demium Startups and José Luis Cabañero, CEO and Founder at Eatable Adventures.

After a brief presentation on the latest from Wayra by its Director, Paloma Castellano Sanz, our Chief Investment Officer, Gonzalo Tradacete Gallart, took the floor and invited the speakers to the round table to discuss the different approaches and methodologies when supporting new and strongly innovative startups. The speakers shared their main motivations, criteria and lessons learnt throughout their careers within the ecosystem. Among other issues, they highlighted the different valuation methodologies and the importance of not becoming too obsessed by this particular point, since it did not always constitute a reliable index of a company’s success.

Finally, the Round Table closed with anecdotes about the mistakes and lessons learnt and the most inspiring attitudes and responses in the face of difficulties experienced by the entrepreneurs in their respective firms. The Round Table was followed by a Q&A session in which the speakers responded directly to the questions posed by the attendees themselves.


  • Welcome. Minute 0:10
  • Presentation of Wayra’s most recent activities. Minute 1:22
  • Summary of the latest of Faraday Venture Partners. Minute 8:13
  • Invitation to Round Table. Minute 12:24
  • Presentation by Javier Jiménez Marco (Lanzadera). Minute 12:26
  • Presentation by Jorge Dobón Montagut (Demium Startups). Minute 17:13
  • Presentation by José Luis Cabañero (Eatable Adventures). Minute 20:38

Round Table Themes

  • Fundamental motivations. Minute 24:21
  • Evolution of criteria and learnings. Minute 50:20
  • Valuation and Partner Agreements. Minute 1:00:23
  • Errors, anecdotes and lessons learnt. Minute 1:07:00
  • Attitudes and inspiring actions. Minute 1:07:18
  • Q&A. Minute 1:21:41
    1. (For Javier from Lanzadera) So you don’t keep any participation of the Startups that you accelerate? Doesn’t Juan Roig invest as the main driver of this initiative? Minute 1:26:58
    2. I understand that more than 30 people work at Lanzadera, with their corresponding offices, etc. Is Juan Roig himself the one who bears all the expenses that the accelerator incurs? Minute 1:27:50
    3. I think it is very important what you do in your initiatives, but I miss more publicity and promotion around them so that they reach a larger target audience … Don’t you think? Minute 1:29:47
    4. What do you think of this “use and throw away” venture that is being promoted by some Venture Capital? Minute 1:34:07
    5. What is the role of mentors? How do you capture them and what are the profiles you are looking for? And, above all, how do they help you develop the projects in question? Minute 1:39:38