Round Table: Most recent investment and M&A trends

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Last week we held our second trimester event at Madrid International Lab with a round table to which we invited speakers of the most significant M&A firms operating in the international field, Francisco Velázquez de Cuéllar, President at Axon Partners Group, Miguel Kindelán, Executive Director at GP Bullhound and Christophe Morvan, Managing Partner at Drake Star Partners.

Our roundtable addressed the most recent investment and M&A trends at a European level. In conversation with our Chief Investment Officer, Gonzalo Tradacete, the speakers, originating all from firms that are considered pioneers in entrepreneurial innovation and technology, shared the motives that inspired their beginnings and detailed the main tendencies and themes around startup financing and the acquisition drive of technology firms since the 1990s until today. They also highlighted the important role of venture capital when it comes to facilitating innovation and boosting, which helps these firms innovate at a national and international level.

In the second part of our roundtable we discussed the importance of a personal relationship as well as the professional support between investors and CEOs. We then closed the session with an exchange about the lessons learnt from the best and worst M&A operations and a Q&A.


  • Welcome. Minute 0:01
  • Presentation of the activities of the Madrid City Council. Minute 1:06
  • Summary of the latest from Faraday Venture Partners. Minute 2:56
  • Invitation to the roundtable. Minute 13:58
  • Presentation by Christophe Morvan (Drake). Minute 15:02
  • Presentation by Miguel Kindelán (GP Bullhound). Minute 16:43
  • Presentation by Francisco Velázquez de Cuéllar (Axon). Minute 18:27

Round Table Themes

  • Fundamental motivations. Minute 25:24
  • Main trends and past tendencies. Minute 39:35
  • Today’s tendencies and the motivations for acquisitions and their potential for consolidation in 3-5 years. Minute 50:59
  • Relationships with CEOs and investors. Minute 1:01:56
  • Best and worst M&A operations: Lessons learnt. Minute 1:10:09
  • Q&A. Minute 1:22:21
    • Which are the commercial intentions of the “big players” (e.g. El Corte Inglés, Amazon) that have traditional models and could potential purchase the smaller firms, do you believe they will remain relevant in the XXI century? Minute 1:22:35
    • I wanted to ask your opinion on Proptec and more specifically about the models that attack traditional real estate agencies (here in Spain and in the United States) and finally what is your opinion on Housers? Minute 1:31:02
    • Do you have any exit stats for firms with a corporate Venture arm and how do you see them manage these exits? Minute 1:34:00