Round Table: Lessons and experiences lived and the “New Faraday”

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We had the pleasure of celebrating our latest event in the historic space of BBVA’s Open Space building at a very special moment in Faraday’s history. We welcomed the CEOs of our most recently added portfolio companies and saw a presentation by Gonzalo Tradacete in which he outlined Faraday’s new challenges in this new chapter. Further, we were able to finally reveal the identity of our Managing Director in Germany, whom we invited to the stage for a brief interview.

We began our event with a summary of Faraday news presented by our Chief Investment Officer, Gonzalo Tradacete. Next, our Managing Director for Spain, Jaime Biel, opened the floor for our round table by inviting the speakers, Jorge Diaz, founder and CEO of TracerMiguel Fresneda, founder and CEO of Woffu, and Alfonso Fuertes, founder and COO of Segle Clinical, to take a seat where they discussed the experiences and lessons learnt since running their respective startups. The round table was then followed by a Q&A.

After the conclusion of the round table, Gonzalo once again took the floor to explain the next steps in our internationalisation and regulation process in more detail, as well as summarise the benefits of this change for our Partners and investee companies. Finally, he invited our new Managing Director for Germany to the stage for a short interview in which they discussed his career, his ambition for the new Club and the German ecosystem. The event closed with a Q&A session in which both responded directly to questions asked by the participants.


  • Welcome. Minute 0:08
  • Summary of the latest from Faraday Venture Partners. Minute 0:45
  • Invitation to the Roundtable. Minute 6:56
  • Introduction by Alfonso Fuertes (Segle Clinical). Minute 8:03
  • Introduction by Miguel Fresneda (Woffu). Minute 8:55
  • Introduction by Jorge Díaz (Tracer). Minute 10:02

Round Table Themes

  • Initial issues and solutions. Minute 11:00
  • Difficulties encountered in your search for talent. Minute 14:48
  • Present challenges: how can we help? Minute 18:56
  • The investment process: your experience. Minute 22:20
  • Anecdotes … and lessons! Minute 25:40
  • Q&A. Minute 30:05
    1. How do you view the future of your companies? How do you imagine the next phase of your company, once you’ve been successful and do you think it will be hard for you to cut your involvement in them? Minute 30:22
    2. What do you see as the main threat over the next one and a half years that could cause your business to fail? As of today, what is your business’ main flaw and what do you consider needs to be corrected most urgently? Minute 33:49
    3. You are covering a market that the big companies have not been able to cover. Having seen what they do, what have you learnt and how have you used it to grow? Minute 39:52

The “New Faraday”

  • Presentation of the new Faraday model by Gonzalo Tradacete. Minute 45:51
  • Interview: Managing Director Germany. Minute 52:59
  • Q&A. Minute 1:04:30
    1. What is your long-term goal in terms of number of Partners for that Club? Minute 1:04:38
    2. Which are the most significant players in terms of sectors, areas and type of business in Germany? Minute 1:05:30
    3. Have you already identified any companies that could be a fit for Faraday’s investment criteria? Minute 1:07:10
    4. How do you plan to launch investment opportunities now that there are two different Clubs? Which would have priority and how will the apportionment process work? Minute 1:08:24
    5. Do you think that the Faraday model is a good fit for the German market or do you foresee that you will have to adapt it slightly? Minute 1:12:16
    6. Capital in Germany is quite evenly distributed, not like it is in Spain. In this sense, Faraday’s model doesn’t actually travel that well, what’s your understanding of this? Minute 1:13:54
    7. Within your expansion strategy, is there any intention to focus on certain verticals in certain countries and then build a more global strategy? Minute 1:17:41