Round Table: Actions and learnings during Covid-19

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As we return to a “new normality” following the Covid-19 lockdowns across much of Europe, we opted to host our quarterly event in virtual form so as to be able to bring together all our Clubs and their Partners throughout Europe alongside our invited guests. In this sense, we had the pleasure of welcoming several of our portfolio CEOs to a roundtable to discuss their course of action during the crisis and the subsequent lessons learnt. We were also able to officially introduce our Managing Director for Portugal, Pedro Ceia, who joined our team in January this year. Other invited speakers included the founder and CEO of Datos101, our most recent addition to the Faraday family.

As is customary, we began our event with a summary of Faraday news presented by our Chief Investment Officer, Gonzalo Tradacete. Gonzalo then invited our Managing Director for Portugal, Pedro Ceia, to a short interview to officially introduce him to all our Partners. They discussed his career trajectory, his ambition for the new Club and the Portuguese ecosystem. Gonzalo then handed over the reins to our Managing Director for Spain, Jaime Biel, who interviewed our most recent addition to our portfolio, CEO and founder of Datos101, Juan Llamazares. With him, Jaime discussed his career and academic background, the origins of Datos101 and the impact that Covid-19 has had on his company to date. Finally, they wrapped up the interview by addressing the entrepreneurial lessons learnt.

Following these interviews, Gonzalo invited three of our portfolio companies that had also been most exposure during the crisis to our “virtual” roundtable: David Hernández, founder and CEO of Pangea, Pablo Rabanal, founder and CEO of Reclamador, and Iñigo Valenzuela, founder and CEO of Smartvel. Together they discussed the actions taken in the face of the crisis and the learnings achieved as a result. The event closed with a Q&A session in which all participants responded directly to questions asked by the participants.


  • Welcome. Minute 0:00 (in Spanish only)
  • Summary of the latest from Faraday Venture Partners. Minute 3:10
  • Interview with Pedro Ceia, Managing Director Portugal. Minute 11:25
  • Interview with Juan Llamazares, CEO and Founder of Datos101. Minute 32:03
  • Invitation to the Roundtable. Minute 42:20
  • Introduction by David Hernández (Pangea). Minute 43:38
  • Introduction by Pablo Rabanal (Reclamador). Minute 47:21
  • Introduction by Iñigo Valenzuela (Smartvel). Minute 53:05

Interview Pedro Ceia

  • Academic and professional background. Minute 12:15
  • The Portuguese Ecosystem. Minute 14:25
  • Q&A. Minute 22:25

Interview Juan Llamazares

  • Academic and professional background. Minute 32:42
  • Your experience during the recent investment close. Minute 35:01
  • The impact of Covid-19 on your business. Minute 37:45
  • Lessons learnt from this experience for entrepreneurs. Minute 40:55

Roundtable Themes

  • Your experience in the implementation of contingency planning during Covid-19. Minute 56:53
  • Your two most difficult challenges and lessons learnt. Minute 1:21:38
  • Which of Faraday’s initiatives have you found most useful? Minute 1:27:15
  • Is your business Covid-19 proof? Minute 1:35:10
  • Q&A. Minute 1:40:05