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“Wealth Management in Times of Crisis”

By 26 May 2020 No Comments

First webinar in a new series entitled “Smart Wealth”.

In these turbulent times, access to information and expert opinions are extremely valuable for those looking to protect their wealth and capital, as is the ability to identify investment opportunities that not only, show potential for the future, but can also, be adapted to this new post-coronavirus reality.

We’re proud to be launching our new initiative that seeks to provide this kind of information to our Partners and other private investors with the objective to help them implement the appropriate wealth management strategies within the current crisis context. Through our Smart Wealth webinar series, we will share ideas and opinions of renowned investment professionals to better understand the possible evolution of the main asset classes (equities, fixed income, real estate and alternative investments, with special emphasis on Venture Capital), and shed light on what tactics may be useful when protecting our wealth and take advantage of interesting opportunities. 

João Carlos Caiano, Vice President of the CFA Society Portugal and Executive Partner at Task Wealth Management

For our first webinar of this series entitled “Smart Wealth”, we had the honour of counting with the participation of João Carlos Caiano, CFA and Executive Partner at Task Wealth Management and Vice President of the CFA Society Portugal. In conversation with João we discussed:

  • His point of view, having had the benefit of experiencing various crises throughout his 25-year career.
  • The likelihood of a depression caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • The likely short-, medium- and long-term impact on a diversified portfolio of the 4 main asset classes: stocks, fixed income, real estate and alternatives (particularly, private equity).
  • Principal risks over the next 12 months and advice on how to mitigate these risks.
  • His recommendations on which asset classes might come out of the crisis in a better or worse shape.
  • Likely consequences for the wealth management sector and others, as a result of the crisis.
  • His recommendations and insight for private investors dealing with the current crisis.