Private Investment Club in entrepreneurial initiatives

An innovative approach to invest in the best start-ups

Our proposal

For investors...

  • Flexibility

    Independently create your own portfolio from the projects on offer:
    • Invest in projects of your choice from € 2,000 per ticket
    • Invest only in projects of your choosing
    • No commitment to invest
  • Transparency

    We advise you on every aspect of a deal and align ourselves with your investment interests:
    • We commit ourselves to resolving all your questions and providing you with access to portfolio executive teams before committing your money
    • Our Partners are our clients and we align our structure fully with your interests
    • We abide by the CFA Institute Ethics Code
  • Professional management

    Investing and boosting innovative start-up projects is our passion, and we will accompany you throughout the entire investment cycle:
    • We conscientiously advise you throughout your entry operation (e.g. shareholders agreements, negotiations, valuations, etc.)
    • Our investments are made through flexible and fiscally efficient investment vehicles for which we provide the corresponding advice
    • We provide quarterly follow-up reports on each investment and leverage our knowledge and network in the interest of each invested project
    • We proactively search for exit opportunities for our Partners, but ultimately you decide when to sell your shares

... and for entrepreneurs.

  • We finance only the best projects

    We invest between € 150,000 - € 500,000 in the most innovative entrepreneurial companies that demonstrate:
    • Qualified and committed executive teams
    • High projected profitability and project scalability
    • Proof of commercial viability (6 months + revenue figures)
  • We are what we invest in

    The success or failure of our start-ups are directly linked with our investments, therefore:
    • We work diligently to add value to our investee companies from Day 1
    • We leverage our experience, contacts, advisory capabilities, financing and energy for our Partners' benefit
    • We do not charge our start-ups fees, we exclusively represent our Partners
  • The strength of many, one voice

    80% of our Partners are former entrepreneurs and passionate about innovation, technology and Venture Capital. We leverage their expertise many-fold, but act as one single active partner:
    • We proactively use our Partners’ knowledge and network
    • We facilitate dialogue between your company and our Partners, as required
    • We help start-ups coordinate and secure additional financing
    • We work towards generating synergies for your start-up and negotiate in the name of the collective to secure advantages

Our investment criteria...

  • Our capital requirement lies between € 150,000 and € 2,000,000 for our investments
  • We invest in start-up projects that demonstrate proven commercial consumer interest, through revenue figures or commercial agreements
  • We look for ambition and a demonstrated problem-solving attitude in executive teams
  • High business scalability and rapid growth capabilities
  • Minimum profitability potential worth 5x the invested amount within a 3 - 5-year period
  • We forego investment opportunities based on traditional models, technologies or without a clear commercial strategy

What they say about us?

Our CEOs...

  • For Aprendum, Faraday has been and remains a great “partner in crime” in this passionate and at times dangerous commercial adventure that is getting this internet project up and running and achieving success. Thank you for sticking with us in the good, and especially, in the bad. Thank you for your confidence in us.

    Juan Salcedo, CEO and Co-Founder of Aprendum

  • After undergoing several financing rounds I have seen several different investor profiles. So far, Faraday is the best option I have seen in Spain. Not only do they get involved in closing financing rounds, but they also help us make strategic decisions. There are many parties that have contributed to Green Momit’s growth and Faraday has been one of the main ones.

    Miguel Sánchez, CEO and Co-Founder of Green Momit

  • Faraday is one of the most professional investors in Spain and I am surethey will become one of the benchmarks for start-up investors in this country.

    Jordi Ber, CEO and Co-Founder of Habitissimo

...and our Partners.

  • In the case of Faraday, I’d emphasise their professionalism and commitment to transparency. Simplicity is the cornerstone of their processes and the filter they apply to find suitable projects results in very interesting investment opportunities for investors. I think they’re doing a great job.

    Joaquín A. C.

  • I’d say Faraday’s impact has been to “democratise” venture capital in society. Not only by providing access to very interesting investment opportunities otherwise inaccessible, but also its service offering satisfies an entrepreneurial streak we all carry inside. Investing with them, means a constant learning process in the art of being humble, which in the not-so-far future, will pay not only financial dividiends, but intelectual ones.

    Jaime A. F.

  • Faraday’s Investment Opportunity Reports present the most relevant aspects of each of the investment opportunities in an extraordinarly succint manner. Reading them has made me learn about new sectors, technologies and markets. Moreover, the direct contact with portfolio companies’ executive teams has been a particularly enriching experience.

    Carlos R. F.

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