We have a solid track record since our inception and have been able to generate consistent superior returns for our Partners in our 8-year history, both through secondary trades and strategic acquisitions.

Our Exits

We have been able to sell our complete stake and exit our investments with significant profits in the following companies:

Online platform connecting homeowners with pre-screened home-improvement contractors.

Acquired in 2017
by Homeserve Ltd.

E-commerce Club selling premium wine subscriptions and wine-related products.

Acquired in 2019
by Pernod Ricard S.A.

Online, real-time video games developer for mobile phones and tablets.

Repurchased in 2019
by Founders

Our Portfolio

Below, you’ll be able to see our active portfolio with a short description about each Startup business:

Sales platform for social games that produces and distributes its own social games online.

Online consumer claims platform with a ‘compensation received’/win comission structure.

Online platform that offers a range of courses, distance learning and professional training programs.

Business Intelligence solutions provider through mobile applications for smartphones.

Online platform for the sale and management of private medical services.

Company specialised in the online and offline distribution of health, nutrition and wellness products and natural cosmetics.

SaaS hiring tool with multi-posting capabilities providing free talent search solutions via applicant tracking system.

Clothing and merchandise printing company offering B2B apparel customisation solutions with best in class customer service.

Management software for the hospitality sector offering technological optimisation for sales growth and efficiency improvements.

Travel agency redefining the consumer travel purchase experience through a high-quality product and personal assessment service.

Identification and electronic signature solutions provider with full legal and commercial validity.

Marketplace for point-of-sale financing providing clients with flexibility in their purchasing decisions.

Company dedicated to the externalisation of restaurant services for the hotel sector.

The company is a global data supplier for tourist offices, airlines, hotels and tourist accommodations.

Company with the mission to style women with trendy jewellery at an affordable price.

Premium pharmaceutical brand for cosmeceutical products primarily sold through pharmacies and online.

Is a SaaS B2B focused on efficient time management through a digitalisation process.

Ticket distribution platform that allows event promoters to control the sale and resale of tickets.

Production, design and marketing of functional and sustainable clothing with a stain repelling textile technology.

Company specialised in providing storage and recovering services for data.

Our Learnings

When investing in early-stage, innovative Startups, you must be prepared to fail. And you must learn from each failure.
Here you will find our less successful investments and the main lessons learnt from them:

Otogami logo mod

Video games e-commerce platform.


Small tasks crowdsourcing platform.

triavip_logo mod

Triathlon material e-commerce.

Momit logo

Home energy-efficiency device producer.

Evolufarma logo mod

Pharmacy management software.

We are thankful for the experience gained through our work alongside Founders that, for different reasons, were not able to realise the value potential of their Startups. Most importantly, we are grateful to all of them for their attitude in these difficult situations, and in particular for their honesty and courage in trying to defend their investors’ and all stakeholders’ interests until the end, sometimes in extreme situations.

Our main learnings from these investments and our work with the Founders of these companies are:

Problems must always come first.

At each board meeting and strategy review, you need to address problems first. Never try to solve them on your own. They will only get bigger and more difficult to solve. Talk to the people that have your best interests at heart, they may have alternative solutions and lend a helping hand. And you will build trust.

Avoid too much debt too early.

This is especially the case if you’re still testing different revenue models and distribution channels with extremely uncertain cash flows.

Avoid dependency on a single investor.

An investor that has led every round in a Startup sends strong signals to others in new rounds, and diminishes the merits of the Startup in the eyes of new investors. Try to diversify your investor base in your significant early rounds (>300k-500k) to increase your funding chances in subsequent rounds.

Quality trumps size.

When embarking on medium-sized projects, assure quality, especially if these are your first important commercial projects. Success in these first projects will be your best commercial argument for more and bigger projects. However, failure due to time pressure etc., will impede your commercial development.

Sometimes equity can get into the wrong hands.

Make sure the holders of phantom shares schemes and stock options are honest, highly competent and committed to the cause of your Startup before making the bet to include them in your cap table.

Avoid dependency on a few providers.

Maximise product/service availability in a marketplace/e-commerce and sales diversification as soon as possible to increase company resiliency, even if it is operationally more complex.



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